We Know Your Fragrance Choice Based on Your Travel Destination…

While fragrance is always a personal choice and dependent on your mood, we’ve spotted a bit of a trend – and we’ve rounded up all the best sellers from across the globe to have a look at these across different nations. Let’s see whether you’re on trend in your home country, discover where you’re likely to find similar fragranced folks, and maybe even find a new holiday destination!

In Brazil


Experts predict an extremely important future for fragrance in Brazil, and high concentrations of EDP are popular. Six out of Ten Brazilians wear fragrance – and top of the pops is Lancome’s La Vie Est Belle, 212 VIP by Carolina Herrara, and best sellers Paco Rabanne 1 Million and Invictus.


In China


The predominantly female market and the overwhelming choice of fragrance as a gift is reflected with the brands of choice being the female market leaders of Chanel and Dior. Rising popularity of Versace and Moschino is noticeable – and the younger Chinese consumer also has a penchant for niche brands with the connected generation leveraging access to a broader views across Social Media and online stores.

In India

The gender balance is very different, with 60% of fragrance being male product. Top sellers Davidoff, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss are popular, along with the prestige brands of Chanel, Dior, Gucci and Givenchy.

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The Middle East

The Middle East may be steeped in tradition but consumers have now welcomed oriental fragrance alongside the cultural bias toward Oud based scent. Recently news, novelty and selective scents are popular, and perhaps the most educated fragrance consumers are characterised by the different trend. Browse our Oud collection here.


Western Europe

Closer to home, fragrance trends in Western Europe show eclectic tastes, with Dior winning for Women in France and Italy, and Chanel topping the chart for ladies in Spain and the UK.

For him, Paco Rabanne almost sweeps the board, but in Italy, home favourite Giorgio Armani takes the title.si

So there you have it; all the fragrances for wherever you are in the world. How does this match up to your scent selections? Why not let us know over on Twitter?

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