NEW LAUNCH | Introducing JOOP! WOW

Last week we were invited to a top secret location in Central London for an exciting new launch from JOOP!

Being introduced to WOW! it was evident from the start of our meeting that this was to be something completely new in the JOOP! world. While classics such as Homme have been around for many years, WOW! was saying something completely new for the brand. Reimagined, luxurious and a truly stand out bottle design we knew straight away that this fragrance meant business.

For their new masculine signature fragrance, JOOP! take us on a journey of transformation: a journey that leads from a fundamental state of being to one of powerful, confident, accomplishment. In the process, JOOP! WOW! extends the JOOP! fragrance house to a more strong-willed, free-spirited man who has nothing to prove, to himself or to others.

The launch started with a lesson in the construction of the fragrance – exploring the complete olfactory journey. From it’s overtly fresh opening, this is a refined and very masculine scent. Playing with excesses and overdoses it translates the free spirit of astonishment, embodies a vibrant personality with a fresh attitude. Exciting and avant-garde, it’s a fragrance that goes straight to the point and is made of the most exquisite ingredients. One of our favourite fragrance noses, Will Andrews, was on hand to explore each of the notes in turn…

JOOP! WOW! awakens all the senses with captivating top notes of Bergamot, Cardamom and Violet-leaf… a sensitive combination of spicy effect and effervescent freshness, virile and elegant.

The Bergamot is a soft white floral with a spicy dry edge – extremely aromatic. A classic top note in perfumery, having appeared in many fragrances of the 70’s, it is reinforced by a spicy note of Cardamon. Similar to cooking, these spice notes shouldn’t be overdone, in place to accentuate the Bergamot. Completed with Violet Leaf, it is this that gives the top accord a fuller body, lifting it to what it becomes.

From here, the woody heart comes in to play. It totally bewitches with a blend of rich absolutes: irresistibly sensual Fir Balsam, darkly masculine Tonka Bean and dangerously warm Vanilla Surabsolute fuse together in a hypnotizing blend. There is a huge amount of Fir Balsam in play in this scent, designed to make an impact of pure masculinity for which this is responsible.

And the foundation of this provocatively intoxicating trail is the supremely woody base, noble combination of distinctive woods, Vetiver and Cashmeran, a memorable signature, full of masculinity, intensity and texture.

As the fragrance builds together, it became very apparent that it would be impossible to remain indifferent to JOOP! WOW!

Once we understood everything there was to know about the fragrance, it was time to look at the story of the bottle.

Sober simplicity is the signature mark of the JOOP! WOW! bottle. Classic yet contemporary, bold and resolutely masculine it follows the noble and refined forms of a bell flacon. Its discreet, clear rounded silhouette, rendered in smooth transparent glass, draws attention to the golden amber of the fragrance.

The unexpectedly intriguing black metal cap, turns out to be a lid with a hole, an unconventional twist that adds an element of surprise. Sleek, orange packaging personifies elegance. Both bottle and carton feature pristine white labels that recall classic luxury codes, then immediately ignore them with the bold, black letters ‘W O W’.

The launch of such an important addition to the JOOP! fragrance portfolio calls for imagination, strong emotions and above all a will to stand out. And that is just what we have in the final campaign.

Produced by internationally-renowned director, Olivier Dahan, reputed for his oscar-winning film La Vie en Rose, the black and white film is shot on location in a country mansion that defies barriers of time and space. Against a dramatic musical background, the story follows our hero on a personality-affirming journey from his raw, animal instinct to an accomplished, elegant, refined gentleman.

The turning point, his encounter and intense eye contact with a wild cat, reminder of his animal instinct and guide in his important life choices. Even as he moves on to a very different level, he will never forget his true nature.

With a spray of the fragrance the transformation is complete… as authentic, surprising and iconic as JOOP! WOW!

So, what is the end result? Well fragrance fans, get ready to be surprised. This fragrance definitely gives the WOW! effect wherever it goes – and we just know you’re going to fall in love with it at first smell. Discover it in-store and online now.

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