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You want to smell amazing, but does your choice of fragrance capture the essence of who you are? Can different aromas change your mood? According to leading Astrologer Russell Grant, wearing a scent that corresponds to your zodiac sign can uplift your soul and increase your confidence. Do you wonder why you lean towards a certain fragrance? Which fragrances, according to your Sun sign, might suit you? We’ve teamed up with Russell to explore the relationship between both – read on to find out more.



Your bold spirit takes you places most people can only dream about. You’re always eager to explore new interests and ideas. You prefer to live in the moment and you will have a favourite brand for every mood and occasion. Experimenting with bold, energising fragrances will add spark to your days. Saffron and amber alongside top notes of lavender or freesia will appeal to your adventurous soul.

Your fragrance match: Calvin Klein – Eternity | Yves Saint Laurent – La Nuit de L’Homme



You are a lover of sensual, sensuous pleasure. Always in tune with your own inner desires, any perfume you wear needs to fit you like a warm, cashmere glove. Elegant fragrances that combine the gentle hints of spring with base notes of amber or cedarwood will appeal to your inner artist. Strong floral base notes such as rose, lily and gardenia will play to your natural style.

Your fragrance match: Marc Jacobs – Daisy | Dolce & Gabbana – The One



Intermingled scents that tickle and tantalise your senses are just what you need as these are qualities you look for in friendships. Spritz on playful, uplifting scents like grapefruit, mandarin or coconut when socialising. You’re always busy, jumping from one activity to another. Zesty citrus flavours of lemons, oranges and bergamot with a base note of musk reflect your passion for life.

Your fragrance match: Giorgio Armani – Code Woman | Hugo Boss – BOSS In Motion



You can be a little shy about expressing your true personality. You don’t always want to stand out in a crowd. Ylang-Ylang will help bring out your affectionate side without drawing too much attention to yourself. The beauties of nature uplift and inspire you. Blends of rose or geranium with basic woody notes that remind you of a light breeze on a warm summer’s day, will enhance your nature.

Your fragrance match: Guerlain – Samsara | Hugo Boss – BOSS Bottled


Your larger than life personality makes you the centre of attention in most social occasions. You love being admired and your penchant for extravagance makes you a popular guest or host. Choose opulent fragrances with base oriental notes to keep you feeling sexy and important. Luxurious notes of orchid, yellow mandarin and orange blossom will match your glamorous personality.

Your fragrance match: Calvin Klein – Euphoria | Hugo Boss – The Scent



You have a reputation for being a workaholic and you take pride in your work. Your practical nature needs no frills or extras but you will appreciate well designed bottles and attractive packaging. You love flowers and plants and have an intimate appreciation for the healing power of fragrances. Choose top notes of plum, blackberry, jasmine or lily of the valley followed by an earthy base of sandalwood or cedar.

Your fragrance match: Dior – Hypnotic Poison | Calvin Klein – Essence for Him



As a creative Libran, you need a fragrance that stimulates your imagination. You care about balance and harmony and will be drawn to soft floral fragrances that harmonise with ocean notes to create a feeling of relaxation. Love and friendship are essential to you which is why you will also choose fragrances to favourably impress friends and business associates.

Your fragrance match: Dolce & Gabbana – Dolce Floral DropsSalvatore Ferragamo – Acqua Essenziale



You enjoy an air a mystery and prefer fragrances with interesting levels of complexity. You don’t want to be able to unravel all aromas at once. You need a lasting scent which makes an instant sensual impact yet contains deep base notes to enchant your soul. You will find blends containing mandarin, ocean overtones or amber finished with notes of frankincense, Ylang-Ylang or myrrh exciting and enticing.

Your fragrance match: Yves Saint Laurent – Opium | Dior – Eau Sauvage



Visionary and adventurous, anything that engages your senses will stimulate your imagination. Like your adventuresome personality, the fragrances you wear need to be exciting and something other people will notice and recognise. Choose fresh, uplifting top notes of cinnamon or peppermint for that initial zing with a background of floral or spicy hints that come through when the scent dies down.

Your fragrance match: Jean Paul Gaultier – Classique | Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male



You want to be the best at what you do and you pride yourself on your hard work and diligence. You enjoy the great outdoors and feel rejuvenated by the wonders of nature. When putting in long hours in the office you need the equivalent of a lush, verdant landscape in a bottle. Warm, woody notes such as sandalwood and cedarwood can be incredibly engaging for you.

Your fragrance match: Dior – Hypnotic Poison | Dolce & Gabbana – The One For Men


You’re never quite sure about what you’re going to do next and will have an array of perfumes to go with your mood of the moment. Celebrate your individuality with zingy and unusual fragrance combinations. Go for sensual musk flavours with bold overtones of woods and spices during the working day and choose rich undercurrents of myrtle, chocolate, lotus or jasmine for romantic evenings.

Your fragrance match: Ralph Lauren – Big Pony Female 1 | Ralph Lauren – Big Pony 2



Creative and deeply romantic, sensual fragrances in refined packaging will appeal to your gentle and stylish nature. There are times when you need spiritual as well as creative diversions and floral notes such as carnation and jasmine with lingering woody scents will enhance your imagination. Fragrances graced with ocean notes or alpine influences can be spiritually uplifting.

Your fragrance match: Davidoff – Cool Water Her | Davidoff – Coolwater

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