Fragrances for Good Luck and Fortune This Chinese New Year

The biggest holiday in the Chinese calendar is finally here when the year of the hard-working, reliable and always-on-time Fire Rooster, part of the tenth Chinese zodiac symbol, begins. And we’re very, VERY excited! Partly, because the shows and street parties are never anything other than amazing, since us Brits host the biggest celebrations outside of China and Australia. Most of all, we love Chinese New Year because it brings friends and family together and fills the streets with colourful, heavenly scents of fruits and flowers.


Some fruits and flowers, including oranges, tangerines, narcissus and plum blossom, are a lovely and really important part of Chinese New Year tradition. Homes, streets and festival venues are decorated with them as symbols of good luck, fortune, love and peace for the coming year.


So, a great way to finish off your new year look, and keep spraying positive vibes through the next Chinese year, is to spritz yourself with gorgeous scents filled with these Chinese blessed fruit and flower notes. But, why are these ingredients special and which top fragrances have them?

Best Fragrances with Orange and Tangerine

Nope, it’s not because they’re round meaning eternal life, or because they can be a sun-like colour. The Chinese believe that oranges and tangerines bring good luck and fortune for the new year because the words for “orange” and “tangerine” in Chinese languages sound the same as the Chinese word for “success”. One of the ways that “tangerine”(桔) can be written also includes the Chinese character for luck((吉).


These are our top picks of fragrances with notes of orange or tangerine:

Best Fragrances with Water Narcissus and Plum Blossom

Narcissus or “The water fairy” (love that name!) blooms during January and has one of the sweetest fragrances of flowers. The Chinese decorate their homes with narcissus in the hope that it will blossom on New Years Day, which is thought to bless them with prosperity and good luck for the entire year.


The beautiful plum blossom is seen as a hero flower because it bursts forth and blossoms at the end of winter on what look like lifeless branches. The Chinese believe this symbolises overcoming trials and tribulations bringing blessings of courage and hope.


Here are our top picks of fragrances with notes of narcissus or plum blossom:


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